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Arial view of Rhodes Town

Located opposite "The Casino of Rhodes" by the beach, right in the heart of Rhodes Town. Marie Hotel is just two minutes walk from Rhodes excellent shopping area, also all the local & international restaurants. The Marie Hotel is in an extremely convenient location for all the town's facilities and services, and is ideal for guests wishing to holiday, without having to make travel arrangements to and from their selected resort.

Attractions close to the hotel


The "Aquarium of Rhodes" is part of the island's Hydrobiological Station located on the South East tip of Rhodes. It was constructed during the 1930's, when Rhodes and the other Dodecanese islands were under Italian occupation.

The structure of the building, both inside and out, has throughout the years, remained very much the same as it is today. Other than the addition of the museum and a seal tank.

The "Modern City" of Rhodes
From 1963, it has belonged to the Oceanographic and Fishing Research Institute, and in 1985, was renamed the "Hydrobiological Station of Rhodes". And after World War II, the station began operating as as a museum too.!

This museum exhibits various invertebrates and preserved samples of fish and sea organisms such as, turtles, dolphins, sharks, seals & sea corals.

View of Rhodes Aquarium
located on Elli Beach

Open to the public
April 1st - October : 31st       09:00 - 21:00
November 1st - March 31st    09:00 - 16:30

Mandraki Harbor - Rhodes

In the east of the modern city there is a significant portion of ancient Rhodes. This is the ancient harbor - Mandraki - with the statues of deer and fawn at its entrance. Tradition tells us that this was where the famous "Colossus of Rhodes"
one of the Seven Wonders of
the ancient world, once stood.
A long mole protects the harbor and has in its middle three old windmills and at the Northern end a stands the "Fortress of Saint Nicholas"
and the lighthouse.

It is from Mandraki that the small vessels which go on daily cruises to Symi, Kalymnos, Pserimos, Patmos and Nissiros set out.
Very near the entrance to the ancient harbour is he church of the Annunciation, the Orthodox Cathedral in a Gothic style, with wall-murials by Fotis Kontoglou. In the whole of this area in front of Mandraki, as elsewhere, the Italians erected various buildings with large voids between them. Among them is the Governorís Residence,
a building with adorn with Gothic arches all round, and stands a little to the north of the Church. Today it is home to the headquarters of the Prefecture.

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